The Witching Hour – A New Film by Mark Schoonmaker.

The Witching Hour

2012 has been a good year for new talent in the film industry, specifically in up-and-coming student filmmakers. Earlier this year, aspiring filmmaker Mark Schoonmaker released his short film Hindrance to overwhelmingly positive feedback, and expectations are high for his follow up piece. Next year will see the release of his next short, entitled The Witching Hour, which again sees Mark explore mystery and suspense.

Next year promises to be even bigger for Mark. Watch out for The Witching Hour early in the year, and also more news on his collaboration with myself on South of Darkness, a re-invention and re-imagining of the Zombie horror genre.

The Witching Hour – Synopsis:

The Witching Hour is a psychological thriller following events surrounding 14 year old insomniac Mordy Brown, a boy who’s father is remembered by many as a ruthless serial killer who committed suicide before he was convicted for his crimes. Mordy has to live with the burden that the father he barely knew killed seven people, and furthermore, Mordy’s only friend Wheeler has been reported missing. He begins to observe bizarre occurrences that happen during 12am, linking them to the theory of bad luck known as “The Witching Hour.”

Noticing strange behaviour in Mordy, his mother is referred to a psychologist named Lyle Burnham, who is hired to help Mordy cope with his family’s past. But Burnham has another connection with Mordy and the murder investigation that involved the child’s father.

This is the tale of Mordy Brown’s struggle. Are you observing carefully?

View the teaser trailer for The Witching Hour HERE

Click HERE to read an article with Mark talking about his previous two short films, Pitch Black Heist and Hindrance.

Look out for more on The Witching Hour in the new year, including an interview with Mark and his work.


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