As recent graduate from University of Wolverhampton, Paul Jonze finished his Film Studies degree with the intention of expressing his thoughts on all things film and cinematic experiences with anyone who will listen. His specialist subject is the Alien film series, with a particular love of the first three films. His final year dissertation, entitled Contemporary Influences on Representations of Reproduction in the Alien Series involved researching the real life socio-political events which influenced the narratology of the films, as well as the real life medical and scientific advancements that are prevalent within the films story arcs.

This site is aimed at providing the reader with thoughts, reviews, critiques and essays on films, as and when they are viewed. It will feature articles on films old and new, with the goal of providing the reader with an insight into one persons interpretation on what he experiences when escaping into the world of film.

I hope you enjoy reading.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my god, your blog is great. Fantastic essays I shall definitely be printing out and reading during math class.

  2. My brother, Rick (named after Deckard,) loves this smarty pants stuff. He doesn’t blog, so he wants me to tell you this. It is cool to see someone analyzing films about my ancestors. My great-great grandmother, an Ellen Ripley clone, also likes the Alien essay. But you need to meet a real alien. We’re not all evil killers!

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